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The Entomological Collections Network (ECN)
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The Entomological Collections Network (ECN) is a long standing organization whose mission is to disseminate information about best practices in entomological (and arthropod) natural history collections. We host an annual meeting which is generally just before the Entomological Society of America meeting, and have an active listserv to facilitate communication between collection managers around the world.
September 23-24. Join us in Orlando, FL for the 2016 Annual ECN Meeting! Register online today!
Join ECN Today! Join ECN Today! Membership is open to any person with an interest in the science of entomology and entomological collections. More...
Corporate Sponsors. Corporate Sponsors Interested in corporate sponsorship of the 2016 Annual Meeting? Several different levels of sponsorship are available. More...

2015 Corporate Sponsors
Donate! Donate! Interested in a charitable contribution to the ECN? Each year some ECN members make charitable donations. More...

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